Welcome there to the official blog of the [formerly] itinerant, raving-mad, renegade, and upstart Orthodox Arminian preacher, pastor and all-round-nutter that is me, Rev. Pastor Peter-Edmund Conroy…

For those of you who like words here’s a few theological ‘categories’ to pigeonhole Pastor Conroy…

 | Arminian | Orthodoxy | Evangelical | Post-Conservative | Emerging | Charismatic | Pentecostal | Revivalist | Non-Calvinist | Missional | Missional Ecumenicist | Pietist | Jesus Freak |

(some would say a Heretic – only those who don’t actually get what’s being said)

And my controversial statement of the year:

(Coming Soon…) (See Sept 2012 – Aug 2013’s statement here)