Peter-Edmund Thomas Conroy was born October 11th 1989 in Newmarket, Suffolk, England to Barry and Candida Bennett, as George Lesley Bennett. After suffering sexual abuse up-and-until the age of 4 and a half George was taken into care. Aged just 7 years George was placed for adoption with Andrew and Joanna Conroy, at age 8 he was adopted, and by mutual agreement and choice his name was changed to Peter-Edmund Thomas Conroy.

Growing up in the leafy market town of Bury St Edmunds, also in Suffolk, England – Peter-Edmund attended Westgate Primary School, Horringer Court Middle School and Bury St Edmund’s County Upper School – after completing his 8 GCSEs and 4 GNVQs aged just 16, Peter-Edmund continued for just three months at school, at which point he decided to enter the big world, but finding no “real work”  he entered college to study music technology – surviving just two months of college Conroy was signed off with clinical depression, later to be diagnosed by one of the country’s top Child-Clinical-Psychologists with Bi-Polar (Manic Depression) and Borderline Personality Dissorder.

Moving ahead a few years, aged 18, now living in Stowmarket, Suffolk, Peter-Edmund was to be re-united with his biological father (Barry) on The Trisha Goddard Show (formerly on Channel 5) and the following week with his birth mother (Candida) and one of his abusers (an older brother).

After moving to Haverhill, Suffolk where Peter-Edmund lived for four years, right up until September 2011 when God called him to Glasgow and Ayrshire, in Scotland, Conroy moved to Irvine, North Ayrshire. Looking for work and trying to plant a church became almost impossible. Following this in September 2012 a call to study theology, led Peter-Edmund to Dingwall, Ross-Shire, Scotland (near Inverness) to Highland Theological College, to study at one of the country’s most prestigious and highly-thought of  Reformed Calvinist Theological Colleges.

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